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Internet News Not as Polarizing as Feared

Several years ago while I was still in journalism graduate school at Indiana University, I remember being taught in one of my classes about the potential for the internet to ruin the minds of everyone. The right would get righter, … Continue reading

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Online Auctions: Smart Enough to Find Best Strategy; Dumb Enough to Play in the First Place

There are a whole lot of different ways for online merchants to make a profit these days. Overstock sites, wholesale sites, group discount sites and many others have been popping up for years. One of the most popular forms is … Continue reading

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Democracy Via Google Not So Easy

If you wanted to use the internet to actively participate in the democracy that is America, would you know how to do it? Most of us tech savvy folks – I’m assuming you’re tech savvy since you’re reading a blog … Continue reading

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Using Google to Track a Killer

Suppose for a minute that you’re showing symptoms from being ill, but you don’t have a clue what you’re suffering from. You heard a story on the news or caught a headline in the newspaper, however, that leads you to … Continue reading

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