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Big Ten Still Big in Research and Development

It’s time once again to revisit why the hell I’d choose the Big Ten as the conference to follow for science and research stories. Besides the obvious reasons that I’m from Ohio, went to Ohio State and Indiana, and worked … Continue reading

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Another Reason for Overprotective Parents to Freak the Hell Out

A few posts ago I wrote about the life-long importance of the environment on early development in the human brain. Early experiences affect the way a neural network forms, a process that occurs all the way into a person’s late … Continue reading

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Merging Technologies Inspired by Fly and Human Eyes

Back in July, I wrote about a team of researchers collaborating between Northwestern University and the University of Illinois to create a camera similar to that of a fly’s. With a spherical surface shape, hundreds of small cameras point in … Continue reading

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Stress Causes the Immune System to Wreak Havoc on the Brain

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time around someone with a stressful job knows the impact that it can have on a person’s life. We’ve evolved to have a very specific physical response to stress, which back in the day … Continue reading

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Southern People’s Genes Weren’t Ready for the Big Mac

The DNA that is stored in every cell in your body isn’t the end-all be-all of your genetic identity that many people assume. While it’s impossible to change the hardwired sequences stored in every cell’s nucleus – ignoring the developing … Continue reading

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When Being From Central Ohio Affects World History’s Recollection “For A” Time

Pop quiz: What did Neil Armstrong say when he first stepped onto the moon? If you think you know the answer, you might be wrong. At least if you believe Neil himself. When taken by itself, “That’s one small step … Continue reading

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Scientists image nanoparticles in action

Again, not technically from the Big Ten. Actually, not from the Big Ten in any way, shape, or form, except that I wrote it and I’m from the Big Ten. But it’s still cool science and I’m too busy to … Continue reading

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