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Showing Upwardly Mobile Chinese Your Face

If you’re looking to make a few bucks in the stock markets in the next decade, a good recommendation might be hotels catering to the Chinese. And if you’re really smart, you’ll look for brands who understand face. No, I … Continue reading

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Why Science Says Don’t Pee in the Pool

Okay, I admit it. I’ve peed in the pool before. It seems like such an innocuous act. How much is my pint of urine really going to affect the thousands of gallons of continually treated water in a standard swimming … Continue reading

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They’re Long, They’re Strong, and They’re Down to Get the Galactose Metabolism On

The intricacies of life are just mind boggling when you stop to think about them. Take, for example, the “simple” act of a fetus growing a leg. This is happening every minute of every hour in a vast array of … Continue reading

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Big Ten Still Big in Research and Development

It’s time once again to revisit why the hell I’d choose the Big Ten as the conference to follow for science and research stories. Besides the obvious reasons that I’m from Ohio, went to Ohio State and Indiana, and worked … Continue reading

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Messing with a Spud’s Glycemic Index

Anybody who has worried about cutting carbs or sticking to a South Beach diet has probably heard of the term glycemic index. In short, it’s a scale that indicates how quickly eating a specific type of food will raise your … Continue reading

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The LHC Gives Physics Another Yawner

I’m going to take a quick (sort of) timeout to throw in some science that’s right in my wheelhouse today – high energy particle physics. According to a recent paper, scientists over at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva – … Continue reading

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Metabolically Engineering a Better-Tasting ‘Mater

Pretty much everybody (I think) knows that getting a tomato from the grocery store is a completely different experience than sinking your teeth into one just picked off of a plant in your back yard. The tastes do not even … Continue reading

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