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Shocking Memory Improvements

Want to improve your memory? Just zap the hell out of it with some magnetic fields! According to a new study from Northwestern University, targeted electric shocks to the surface of the brain can improve memory in adults more than … Continue reading

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Sunday Runday Funday Scientifically Proven

A new study from Northwestern University that is making use of all of those new-fangled fitness applications and wearables has revealed an athletic truism that I would have bet money on based on anecdotal evidence—people drink more on days that … Continue reading

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Progress Toward a Blood Test for Depression

Researchers at Northwestern University are trying to devise a simple blood test that not only can diagnose depression, but can also tell clinicians which treatments the patient is most likely to respond to. It may seem like a far-fetched, futuristic … Continue reading

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Giant Human Brain Sucks Energy, Stunts Growth for Years

Have you ever noticed that it’s kind of hard to guess the age of a toddler until they open their mouths and speak? I’ve got a behemoth of a nephew who could have passed for four at age two based … Continue reading

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Big Ten Still Big in Research and Development

It’s time once again to revisit why the hell I’d choose the Big Ten as the conference to follow for science and research stories. Besides the obvious reasons that I’m from Ohio, went to Ohio State and Indiana, and worked … Continue reading

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Forget Fracking, Let’s Blow Shit Up

The Environmental Protection Agency and President Obama are making headlines today with the announcement of an initiative to slash coal pollution. The aim is to get each state to individually cut its current carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent, with … Continue reading

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Powering a Pacemaker with the Heart it Keeps in Rhythm

It’s beginning to become pretty apparent to me that Yonggang Huang of Northwestern University and John Rogers of the University of Illinois are two of the biggest science rock stars in the Big Ten. And when you put the two … Continue reading

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