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Successful Women Translates to Successful Everyone in Mathematics

A study from the University of Wisconsin made headlines recently all across the country when its authors used data from global surveys to show that women are not intrinsically inferior to men when it comes to math. I couldn’t understand … Continue reading

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Online Auctions: Smart Enough to Find Best Strategy; Dumb Enough to Play in the First Place

There are a whole lot of different ways for online merchants to make a profit these days. Overstock sites, wholesale sites, group discount sites and many others have been popping up for years. One of the most popular forms is … Continue reading

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Number Troubles Greater Than or Equal To Literary Troubles

Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of dyslexia before. If you’re like me, you associate the word with people mixing up letters, reading an a before an e when it’s really the other way around. But in fact, developmental … Continue reading

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Light-Induced Magnetism Could Fuel New Class of Solar Cells

The physical world gets really weird when you get to really small scales. In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the push to create computers and the instantaneous transmission of information using quantum mechanics and effects Einstein described as, “spooky.” But the … Continue reading

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Existing Data Should Speed Genetic Studies

One of the ways that the new health care bill recently pushed through congress aims to lower costs in the long run is by practically forcing medical institutions to implement electronic medical records or EMRs. Why these places aren’t doing … Continue reading

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The Best Combination for March Madness

Two #1s, a #2 and a #3. No I’m not ordering way too much food at McDonalds, I’m following the prescription for March Madness success outlined by Sheldon Jacobson, a professor computer science at the University of Illinois. In a … Continue reading

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If you were a child growing up anywhere near my generation (I’m 27), then it is very likely that you were subjected to a bunch of high school students visiting to put you through the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. … Continue reading

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