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What You Can’t Smell Might Kill You

Besides decreased mobility and ability to clean and bathe properly, there’s a good reason for that old person smell that everyone knows and hates—your sense of smell deteriorates as you get older. So even those who are blessed with a … Continue reading

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Wandering Peepers Give Away the Creepers

I’m pretty sure every single woman in the world has experienced talking to a (straight) man and having his gaze slip down from her face about a foot. Intuition would probably tell a woman in such an instance that the … Continue reading

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Up All Night to Get Lucky Proven Statistically

The early bird may get the worm, but the night owl gets laid. At least, that’s the conclusion of Dario Maestripieri, a professor of comparative human development at the University of Chicago. And he has the statistics to back it … Continue reading

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Justice Driven by Reason, not Emotion

I’m a pretty logical person—almost too much so, most likely—especially when it comes to dealing with situations in which others are swayed more by emotions. For example, I have difficulty caring about providing prosthetics for dogs while human beings are … Continue reading

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Big Ten Still Big in Research and Development

It’s time once again to revisit why the hell I’d choose the Big Ten as the conference to follow for science and research stories. Besides the obvious reasons that I’m from Ohio, went to Ohio State and Indiana, and worked … Continue reading

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First Ever Analysis of Super-Earth Exoplanet Atmosphere Reveals… Clouds

Back in 2009, astronomers discovered an exoplanet by the name of GJ 1214b orbiting a star some 40 light-years away, practically making it our neighbor in galactic terms. The planet orbits its star every 38 hours, which is part of … Continue reading

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Freezing a Cloud of Atoms Close to Impossibility to Recreate Physics From the Early Universe

The narrative of the beginning of the universe as we currently understand it is pretty interesting. It deals with both energies, distances, and time scales that are beyond our brains’ ability to fully comprehend. For hundreds of thousands of years … Continue reading

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