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Playing Video Games a Lot Linked to Healthier Young Adults…or Not

I came across this headline recently from the University of Illinois, “Teen gaming addicts may wind up physically healthier as young adults, study says.” That’s a big head-scratcher. I mean, really? You’d think that the more a teen is plopped … Continue reading

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Competition Produces Giant(er) Noggins

I have a large head. When I first started playing peewee football, they had to grab me a helmet from the varsity team. Once I got to junior high, they had to run over to the high school to find … Continue reading

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Showing Upwardly Mobile Chinese Your Face

If you’re looking to make a few bucks in the stock markets in the next decade, a good recommendation might be hotels catering to the Chinese. And if you’re really smart, you’ll look for brands who understand face. No, I … Continue reading

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Teens Tell Tall Tales, Skew Scientific Surveys

Ever play the creative name game at the host stand in a restaurant? There’s just something compelling about making somebody yell out, “Tupperware Party of three,” “Republican Party of two,” or “Donner Party of five.” Childish? Sure. Fun? You betcha. … Continue reading

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Yet Another Study Linking Exercise with Mental Capacity

Sound mind, sound body—the mantra of the ancient Greeks—continue to appear to be right on target. Previous studies have suggested that children with higher levels of aerobic fitness show greater brain volumes of gray matter, the outer surface tissue of … Continue reading

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Goldicancer and the Three Tissues

Once upon a time, there were three metastatic cancer cells looking for a new home. They floated and floated through their host body, each looking for a suitable place to build a new tumor. The first landed on the heart—a … Continue reading

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Creating Super Oil-Producing Sugarcane

One of the biggest problems with alternative energy sources is that they’re horrendously inefficient. Solar cells are lucky to get above 20 percent in the best conditions while biodiesel plants barely rise to a single percent in terms of producing … Continue reading

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