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Sleep to Remember, Not to Dream

The scientific reasons behind the need for animals to sleep have long been a mystery. Outside of, “because they feel sleepy,” it’s been a pretty tough nut to crack. But thanks in large part to the technique of optogenetics, progress … Continue reading

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The Sandman is Racist

As if the ethnicities in this country didn’t already have enough of a hill to climb, you can add one more brick to their burden. Minorities have crappier sleep – and less of it – than Caucasian nation. In results … Continue reading

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App for Bird Songs Coming Soon, Why Teens Should Sleep and More

Let Your Teen Sleep! New research recently reported in Nature Neuroscience from the University of Wisconsin suggests that making your teenager restrict their sleeping patterns could be hazardous to their brain. While you sleep, your neural pathways constrict and reduce … Continue reading

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Fast Friday Four (July 22)

Sleep Not an All-or-Nothing Event Finally, a good use for epilepsy patients! In order to monitor the sources of seizures of 13 patients at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, doctors implanted 129 electrodes into 8 to 12 regions of … Continue reading

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Not Fully Awake – Literally

I’m pretty busy this week, so unfortunately I don’t have much time to put together a post of my own for today. Lucky for you, one of the best science writers in today’s media wrote a piece today about some … Continue reading

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Sleep to Shed Fat

In an ironic twist of nature, it seems that the time in which our metabolic rates are at their lowest and the least amount of calories is burned might be the most crucial part of a weight loss program. Sleep … Continue reading

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