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Improve Your Putting with Perception Jedi Mind Trick

With the Masters scheduled to start up tomorrow, Tiger Woods is looking to complete his comeback by winning his first major since all hell broke loose in 2008. The one thing that seems to be holding him back recently is … Continue reading

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Ending Moore’s Law and Beginning Quantum Computing

Though most people are familiar with Murphy’s Law – whatever can go wrong, will go wrong – a lot of folks are probably much less familiar with Moore’s Law. That one states that the number of transistors that can be … Continue reading

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Study Shows NFL Rule Changes Pointless… Well, Sometimes

Just in time for the upcoming showdown between the New York Football Giants and the New England Patriots is a post about the most popular game in America. And if you pressed me to name one thing that gets treated … Continue reading

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Fast Friday Four (October 7, 2011)

People Can’t Separate Selves from Stupid, Expensive Things Are you a Mac person or a PC person? Pepsi or Coke fan? Bears or Packers? Asking someone what type of “person” they are is actually a pretty fair question. According to … Continue reading

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Fast Frirday Four (September 23)

A New Reason for Childhood Obesity A new study reported by the University of Illinois identifies another reason for childhood obesity – one that I had never really thought of before. Crime. The researchers asked children from two middle schools … Continue reading

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Manipulating Particles with Light and Electric Fields

Let me start off this blog post by saying that I think Purdue is one hell of a university. They don’t often put out press releases about communication, social interactions, weight loss or any other topic that is easily and … Continue reading

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Can Termites Power Your Car?

Combing through my reserves of awesome research story ideas from throughout the Big Ten, I discovered another interesting study regarding biofuels. It’s quite similar to the one posted yesterday, except this time the researchers are looking elsewhere for a natural … Continue reading

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