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Where All the Power in your Cell Phone’s Battery Really Goes

Sometimes I really miss the days before smart phones. Today, nearly all of us are limited by how far away we can go from a source of electricity and for how long. Ten years ago, I could lose track of … Continue reading

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Powering Insect Cyborgs (Muwahahahaha!)

The future is here. And by future, I mean cyborgs. That’s right, the science fiction dream of coupling machine to organism in order to do our bidding is coming to fruition. But first, a little bit more work needs to … Continue reading

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A Whole New Meaning to “Power Walking”

Coimmercial idea: A man clad in AT&T garb is standing on the road shouting into his telephone,“What do you mean you can’t hear me?” He looks up to see a giant cell phone tower blocking the view of the sun. … Continue reading

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