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Weak Alpha Waves Prove Why You Suck at Halo

There’s no doubt that some people are smarter than others. Einstein was living proof, as is Stephen Hawking. Of course, there are different kinds of intelligence too. Just because Mozart didn’t discover a fundamental relationship between mass and energy doesn’t mean that his proficiency … Continue reading

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Students With No Motivation Respond to Immediate Rewards

Your IQ largely depends on how high you want it to be. Previous studies – most notably from the University of Pennsylvania – have proven that IQ tests measure the desire of a person to score well just as much … Continue reading

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Getting Smarter Can Change Your Personality, Even at 70

There are plenty of sayings out there that insinuate that people can’t change. There’s the,“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” one for starters. But I don’t believe it. How many stories have you heard about near-death experiences where … Continue reading

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Ethos: Engrained or Learned?

Where does morality come from? Is it something engrained in our DNA that makes us one of the few animals in the world to keep bearings with a moral compass? Is it a social construct that people learn as they … Continue reading

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Friday Fast Four (June 24)

New Class of Colloids One of the main drivers in new technology is material science. People out there have a ton of great ideas, but are unable to realize them because the combination of properties in a single material don’t … Continue reading

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The Real Big Brain Academy

For as long as people have been around, they’ve been trying to find the Fountain of Youth. From the days of Ponce de Leon to today modern plastic surgeons and health gurus, people will try just about anything and go … Continue reading

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Number Troubles Greater Than or Equal To Literary Troubles

Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of dyslexia before. If you’re like me, you associate the word with people mixing up letters, reading an a before an e when it’s really the other way around. But in fact, developmental … Continue reading

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