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When It Comes to Vaccines, It’s Okay to Be Chicken

Good news for the roughly 600,000 Americans who suffer from allergic reactions to the incredible, edible egg; it is now officially safe for you to get a flu shot. Assphincter says what, now? For those of you in the know, … Continue reading

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Mutant Bird Flu Research: Deathly Dangerous or Scandalous Savior?

If you’ve paid any attention at all to the news during the past several months, chances are you’ve heard about the controversial studies being conducted on the H5N1 virus, otherwise known as the bird flu. Then again, even if you … Continue reading

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Fast Friday Four (June 3)

H1N1: The Holy Grail for Flu Vaccines The H1N1 “pandemic” of 2009 – I put pandemic in quotation marks because the whole thing was incredibly overblown in my opinion – brought fever, sore throat, runny noses, aches, chills, vomiting, diarrhea … Continue reading

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