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The Real Reason People Will Go to See Titanic in 3D

Back in 1997, millions upon millions of people flocked to the theaters to watch the story of two star-crossed lovers as they instantly fell in love and then fought for their lives, despite already knowing the ending. The ship sinks. … Continue reading

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Disgust Runs Deeper Amongst Conservatives

Well, it’s about that time. It’s about that time to get it over with, add a twelfth category and let Nebraska into the Big Ten officially. Never mind a full season of football and a few basketball games. They weren’t … Continue reading

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Woman Feels No Fear – Literally; Next Bond Villain?

It sounds like something straight out of one of the bad Timothy Dalton Bond flicks. Instead of the uber-villain being unable to feel pain, sympathy or jealousy over the cool BMW gadgets, it is fear that has been left by … Continue reading

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