More Bang For Your Buck

So I just thought I’d bring up another plus about Big Ten schools today. Besides most all of them being in the top 50 in research expenditures every year, they’re also overwhelmingly state schools. Which means their cheap. Don’t believe me? Ask Princeton.

This year’s Princeton Review of the country’s best value colleges is out now, and wouldn’t you know it, the Big Ten is well represented. Two of the top 10 public schools hail from the Midwest powerhouse – the University of Wisconsin – Madison clocking in at #7 and the University of Michigan just behind it at #9. Also budging their way into the top 75 were the University of Illinois, Northwestern University, Indiana University, Purdue University, the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota and the University of Nebraska. I’d tell you their rankings, but I’m too cheap to buy access to the actual list. Just in case you’re not counting, that’s 8 out of the 12 schools.

So how much is a great value, anyways?

Well, for the University of Wisconsin, that would be $10,609 in tuition and fees for in-state students and for the University of Michigan, it’s $13, 437. All I can say about that is holy crap, tuition for those schools is way more than the roughly $6,500 I doled out every year for Ohio State roughly 10 years ago. Of course, even Ohio State is now up to $10,037 in tuition and fees.

I feel bad for anyone trying to attend college now. Whoever says that college education is on a bubble that is about to burst, I’d say there’s some damn good evidence to say they’re right.


About bigkingken

A science writer dedicated to proving that the Big Ten - or the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, if you will - is more than athletics.
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