The Sandman is Racist

As if the ethnicities in this country didn’t already have enough of a hill to climb, you can add one more brick to their burden.

Minorities have crappier sleep – and less of it – than Caucasian nation.

In results presented at 26th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies this week in Boston, Mercedes R. Carnethon from Northwestern University revealed that whites get about an extra half-hour on average than their darker complexioned peers. They also wake less frequently in the night and feel more well-rested throughout the day.

The survey covered 500 Chicago area residents, so just how widespread this result can be interpreted is an open question. But one thing is for sure – the duration of sleep was accurately reported. Rather than count on people to give accurate numbers on their sleep habits, participants wore motion detectors on their wrists, which could tell whether or not they were asleep.

The reasons for this result are unclear, but the final numbers do take things such as cardiovascular disease risk, age, sex, education, BMI, hypertension and race into account.

At this point, I could get into an avalanche of racist stereotypes that might account for the disparity. Blacks being consistently woken up by gunshots, Asians staying up too late to study, Hispanics being too busy working multiple jobs, Caucasians having the benefit of sleeping on pillows stuffed with 100 dollar bills.

But I shall resist.


About bigkingken

A science writer dedicated to proving that the Big Ten - or the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, if you will - is more than athletics.
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