Big 10 Schools Remain National Powerhouses… in Science

If you’ve ever checked out the page on this blog entitled, “Why the Big 10?”, you’d know that when I began this blog, five of the top ten public research institutions are in the Big 10 (as measured by fiscal year expenditures on research by the National Science Foundatoin).

I think it’s about time for an update.

Some of the latest numbers are out for FY2010. A recent press release from the University of Michigan holds excel tables, which you also can download here:


One change this  year includes the fact that a college is no longer allowed to include its satellite schools. So the University of Michigan can’t count any research done on its Flint campus towards its large, Ann Arbor expenditures.

But it still managed to nab the #1 ranking for public schools and #2 overall. (Nobody is going to catch Johns Hopkins. Ever.)

And right behind them was the University of Wisconsin-Madison. So, as you can see, the Big 10 is still going strong, greatly outpacing any other conference in terms of scientific research, especially those consisting mostly of public schools. In fact, once again, every single Big 10 school is within the top 50 and 5 are in the top 25.

Oh, no, wait…

Thanks a lot Nebraska.

Here’s a look at the rest of the Big 10’s standings.

  • #2 – University of Michigan-Ann Arbor ($1,184,445,000)
  • #3 – University of Wisconsin-Madison ($1,029,295,000)
  • #13 – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities ($786,074,000)
  • #14 – Pennsylvania State University – University Park ($770,449,000)
  • #16 – Ohio State University – Columbus ($755,194,000)
  • #26 – Northwestern University ($603,732,000)
  • #32 – Purdue University – Main Campus ($548,980,000)
  • #34 – University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign ($515,133,000)
  • #39 – University of Iowa – ($444,034,000)
  • #40 – University of Chicago – ($437,721,000)
  • #41 – Michigan State University – ($431,373,000)
  • #103 – University of Nebraska – Lincoln ($191,268,000)

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A science writer dedicated to proving that the Big Ten - or the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, if you will - is more than athletics.
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