Bats on the Brain to Save Stroke Patients

Not quite as cute as Robert Patterson.

I probably should have gotten this up on Friday before the holiday weekend, but better late than never. In what can only be described as the perfect timing for a press release, the University of Wisconsin just announced that it has begun trials on a new blood thinner that can be used up to nine hours after the onset of a stroke caused by a clot in the brain. This is double the length of time that current medications can achieve.

In case you’re confused as to why I’m calling this news perfect timing, don’t be. The new drug is based off of the saliva that allows vampire bats to continue sucking their victims’ blood long after the wound should have stopped bleeding. This is the third trial of the drug, however, the previous two proved inconclusive. Doctors are hoping that this round will show once and for all which patients are most likely to benefit from the new drugs.

And yes, vampire bats are real. But surprisingly, they don’t come from Transylvania. In fact, they don’t even come from that hemisphere of the world. They’re native to several countries in North and South America and have no problem feeding on humans.

However, there are no known cases where a bat’s bite will turn one into the next teenage heartthrob. Nor are there any instances of them harboring any ill will towards wolves.

Sorry ladies.


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